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Guidance in Financing or Re-financing

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Approaching lenders can be a daunting task. Bankers seem to have a lingo all their own and they can be intimidating. It is important that farmers see bankers as partners in their business and not adversaries. As soon as a farmer signs for a loan the lender owns a piece of the farm so you might as well treat the lender as a friend rather than the enemy. Before you talk to a lender about a loan you should prepare a business plan. This is important for two reasons: 1. To assure you and your farm family/team that the reason for this purchase is clear to all and all are “on side” with this purchase. Also, to show all that this is a financially, socially and environmentally sound decision. Remember, people will support what they help to build and will resist (or even sabotage) what they oppose or what is imposed upon them. 2. A sound business plan will show the lender that you have carefully considered the purchase and you have a sound financial plan to repay the loan. Art can help will all of the above and has helped hundreds of farmers in this regard. He can also help identify possible lenders for your purchase or refinancing proposal and go with you to talk to the lender(s).

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