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Art Lange

Education, Work, and Training

AJL Principal Consultant

2004 – Present

Art has almost 2 decades of experience in preparing farm business plans and has helped producers in most sectors of the industry such as cattle, hogs, chickens, dairy, sheep, grains, oilseeds etc. Over those years he has helped about 200 farm families reach their family and business goals. Here are some reasons to choose him for your farm business matters:

  • In February of 2024 Art was added as a Farm Financial Expert for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Farm Debt Mediation Service.

  • Art will be the only person that you will work with. So you get the benefit of his expertise and determination to see the project through to the end. You will not be passed off to a junior associate.

  • Art has encountered many types of financial situations over the years such as farm expansion, diversification, addressing financial challenges, debt restructuring, finding new lenders etc. He will probably be able to help you no matter what your business planning needs are. 

  • He keeps in contact with the major commercial lenders in the agriculture sector.  He knows who to approach if you need an introduction to a new lender. 

  • To get the best rates and terms from lenders, Art suggests that you have him prepare a business plan and then you approach two or three potential lenders to see who will offer you the best deal (ie. like shopping for any major purchase). He can even go with you to meet lenders if you wish and present your case. 

  • Art has very reasonable rates. He works from a home office which reduces his overhead expenses considerably. Most clients elect to hire him by the hour so you only pay for the time that he works on your file. 

  • He can come to your farm and work with his laptop there if you wish. Alternately you can come to his home office and work with him there and save mileage charges. 

  • He is available any day between 8am and 10pm for appointments or talks on the phone. Working with Art won't take away from your farming hours. He also promises to answer your email or text within 24 hours.

Industry Experience

Prior to being a farm business consultant, Art worked for over 20 years in private industry, the federal and provincial governments.

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