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Farm Financial Consulting

We'll look at where your farm is now, where you'd like to be, and how to get there.

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Service Description

Farm financial consulting is vitally important for all farms and ranches today. The high cost of inputs and high interest rates makes financial analysis for the present situation and an action plan for the future necessary. Art uses a financial analysis tool, the ABA (Agricultural Business Analyzer) to determine the present financial state of the farm and then prepare one or more options for the future based upon the wishes of the farm family or team. It is usually desirable to do financial projections by creating several options before making a final decision on “the” plan for the future. Art will then help to develop the action steps that are required for the chosen plan to be implemented. It is important to annually review the plan to assure that it is serving the family well. If not, it may require some minor adjustments or a complete overhaul. Again, this is where Art can be helpful.

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