What We Do


Provide Business Planning and Financial Analysis for Farmers & Ranchers including:

  • Preparing business plans – 

    • A business plan is a document that charts the course from where you are now to where you want to be some time in the future. The future will include short term (two to five year) and long term (five to ten year) goals. The plan will include the operational, managerial and financial aspects of the farm and how those will be expected to change over the length of the plan.

    • To develop that plan will probably mean that various future (what if) scenarios should be prepared and then the one selected that best suits you and your family and/or partners.

    • Before you make any significant purchases (land, cattle or machinery) you should have a business plan prepared to assure yourself and your family/partners that it is a viable purchase and that all members are “on board” with it. Then you also have a document you can take to your lender that he/she can readily use to process your loan application. In fact it’s a good idea to present your plan to several lenders to see which one will give you the best terms and interest rate. 

  • Helping them to seek financing or re-financing for their operations from commercial lenders and going with them to negotiate with lenders if desired  

  • Preparing farm succession plans 

    • A succession plan lists the details of how a farm will be transferred from one generation to the next including the managerial, operational and financial aspects